Politics betting has grown rapidly in popularity over the last few years and these days no bookmaker can afford to neglect their political betting coverage. The focus of much political betting is obviously on the elections in the major democracies such as the USA, the UK, France and Germany, but you will also find a host of markets available on wider political events.

In UK politics betting, the Brexit referendum and the subsequent political fallout have provided bookmakers with plenty of opportunities to come up with inventive Brexit betting markets over the last four years, while the Presidency of Donald Trump on the other side of the Atlantic has also offered fertile ground for US politics betting enthusiasts. With so many politics betting opportunities out there, this is a great time to start checking out political betting sites.

Best Politics Betting Sites – April 2021

Paddy Power Politics betting


Ireland’s biggest bookmaker, Paddy Power have developed a reputation for providing innovative, eye catching betting markets, and that applies to their political coverage too. Overall, their odds-on politics are among some of the most competitive in the industry, and they are particularly strong when it comes to specials markets related to personalities, such as markets on whether Donald Trump will be impeached. They are also the go-to betting site if you want to bet on Irish politics.

Betfair Politics betting


The ground-breaking betting exchange Betfair has done much to shake up betting in the UK and they are a major player in political betting markets. Although Betfair also have a fixed odds site, their main attraction for politics betting fans is that their exchange markets cut out the bookmakers’ profit margin, which means you can find some of the best politics odds on their site. The exchange also makes it possible to back and lay selections, and many devotees of UK politics betting aim to profit by trading the changing prices in some of the long-term markets such as next UK Prime Minister.

William Hill Politics betting


One of the oldest bookmakers in the UK, William Hill has an impressive reputation among fans of political betting. Their focus is mainly on UK politics betting and US politics betting, but they provide a depth of market that few other bookmakers can match. When it comes to Brexit betting, they have been one of the most inventive in offering a range of Brexit betting odds, but their US coverage, boosted by the fact that they have become one of the major players in the growing US betting industry in recent months, is impressive and covers every aspect of US politics.

Coral Politics betting


Another long-standing player in the UK betting industry, Coral, which are now part of the same group as rivals Ladbrokes, has a thriving political betting market. Their political betting odds are generally competitive, but where they shine particularly is with international politics. In fact, when it comes to international political betting sites, few have a better reputation, and Coral excel at offering markets on a diversity of international politics sectors, including Australian, European and even Russian politics.

Betway Politics betting


Another long-standing player in the UK betting industry, Coral, which are now part of the same group as rivals Ladbrokes, has a thriving political betting market. Their political betting odds are generally competitive, but where they shine particularly is with international politics. In fact, when it comes to international political betting sites, few have a better reputation, and Coral excel at offering markets on a diversity of international politics sectors, including Australian, European and even Russian politics.

Betfred Politics betting


Another bookmaker that has been targeting the US betting industry, Betfred have developed a solid political betting reputation, through a combination of competitive odds and wide selection of markets. They provide good coverage, particularly on the main election winners markets in the US and the UK, as well as a healthy selection of European political betting opportunities. Betfred rate as a good all-rounder when it comes to political betting, offering something for everyone.

888Sport Politics betting


Like Betway, 888 Sports has had some catching up to do against longer-established rivals, but they have embraced political betting with enthusiasm and provide comprehensive coverage across all of the major UK and international betting sectors. They are particularly popular among politics betting fans who like to combine a series of bets into multiples, and in some of their innovative exotic politics betting markets, they rival Paddy Power for ingenuity.

BetVictor Politics betting


The name of BetVictor is familiar to most UK punters, and the BetVictor politics section has a growing base of customers. Although the site does a good job of covering the main international markets, particularly in the US, it is most effective when it comes to UK politics odds. The BetVictor site provides an impressive depth of British politics odds and markets including a wide range of Brexit betting markets, and long-term party leaders betting options.

Major Political Events

There is a vast range of political betting events and markets out there, but some events are particularly popular and tend to attract the most interest and the most competitive odds. Here are the top political betting markets that you can expect to be able to bet on with any good sportsbook.


 British Politics Betting

  •  Next Party Leader. One of the most popular UK political betting markets. It is usually possible to bet on which individual will become the next leader for all of the main UK political parties and the beauty of this market is that it runs continually. Some punters specialise in trading these markets
  •  Next Prime Minister. A variation on the Next Party Leader market, this obviously involves predicting the next leader of the country, and usually sees a flurry of activity when there are rumours about a General Election or a leadership challenge for the governing party.
  •  Seat Estimates. There are 650 seats in the UK Parliament, and to form a government, a party has to win a majority of the available seats. Predicting the range of seats that each of the major parties will win is one of the most popular General Election markets.
  •  Constituency Markets. Increasingly, bookmakers are offering markets on which candidate will win in each individual constituency, which means there are opportunities for those with local knowledge or who do their homework when it comes to opinion polling and local news.

Brexit Betting

  •  No Deal Brexit. Brexit has been a fertile source of inspiration for political betting fans and bookmakers alike for nearly five years. Although the election of Boris Johnson as UK Prime Minister means that the UK will be following through with its exit from the EU, some Brexit markets are still seeing a lot of betting action, such as the No Deal Brexit odds on whether Britain will be able to secure an EU trade deal.
  •  Trade Deal Dates. Whether the UK can strike a deal with the EU, there will still remain a host of important trade deals to conclude, across the world. These are likely to be the focus for continued Brexit betting, particularly the potential major deals with the US and China.

 Irish Politics Betting

  •  Presidential Elections. Irish politics has a devoted following among some political betting enthusiasts, and some of the most popular markets in Irish politics focus on the election of the President although these are long-term markets as Irish Presidents hold office for seven years.
  •  Next Taoiseach. The Taoiseach is the most powerful person in Irish politics, and the various markets relating to the next Taoiseach are also popular, although as with all national election markets, betting successfully in this market requires in-depth knowledge of the local political scene.
  •  Election Winner. Recent upheavals in Irish politics have also seen an upsurge of interest in the various Election Winner markets, as the major parties in Ireland, Fianna Fail, Fine Gael, Labour and Sinn Fein have all enjoyed periods of success and failure in recent years.

US Politics Betting

  •  Presidential Election. The big market in US politics is the four-yearly Presidential Election winner market. The predictability of the US political cycle makes this ideal market in which to build a strategy and it offers a continuing opportunity to trade.
  •  Party Primaries. At least one of the two major US political parties hold Presidential Primaries to choose their nominee on a four-yearly cycle, and these markets become a frenzy of activity within the second half of the electoral cycle building up to the General Election.
  •  Other Markets. US politics is a rich source of political news and events, offering plenty of betting opportunities on markets as diverse as the number of House and Senate seats each party will win during their two-year electoral cycle, or which Presidential candidate will win in each US state.

European Politics Betting

  •  National Elections. European political betting is a growing part of the political betting sector. Many bookmakers will offer markets on the Presidential and other elections in the major European nations, such as France and Germany. Knowledge of the ins-and-outs of different electoral systems is essential to play in these markets, but there can be opportunities for European political buffs.
  •  European Referendums. From time to time, European political betting can throw up opportunities to bet in referendums. Some of these are related to the European Union, such as membership of the EU, Euro membership or ratification of treaties. But you can sometimes have the chance to bet in domestic referendums taking place in major European nations.

Australian Politics Betting

  • Australian Prime Minister. As with the UK and Ireland, there is a thriving betting tradition in Australia, and betting on the Australian General Elections often focuses on the identity of the next Prime Minister, while there are also ongoing markets on the various party leaders between elections.
  • Federal and State Elections. The Federal Election markets mirror the UK and Irish General Election betting markets, but there are also elements of US-style politics in the Australian political system. Australian political betting fans can bet on which party wins most seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate, and as each of the states and territories of Australia has its own parliament, there are regular state betting markets available.

Types of Political Bets

Political betting enthusiasts are often keen to try their expertise in different types of bets and betting companies are happy to oblige with an ingenious range of markets. But some political bets are more popular than others, and these bets account for the majority of political betting:

  • Straight-Up Bet. This is the simplest form of political betting, in which you are betting on the outcome of a particular event, usually on the winner. For example, a typical Straight-Up politics bet would be to bet on the Democrats to win the highest number of seats in the US Senate at 11/10 or 2.1. In this case, you would bet at the quoted odds and if the Democrats finish in front, you will win your bet.
  • Handicap Bet. A handicap bet is a popular way to bet on an event in which one candidate or party is the overwhelming favourite. For example, the Conservative Party might be a short price to win a UK General Election, but they be a bigger price in the Handicap Market, where you are betting on them overcoming a handicap, usually expressed in seat numbers.
  • Winning Margin. A variation on the handicap bet, winning margin bets are about the supremacy of one candidate or party over another. A good example of a winning margin bet would be to bet on the Labor Party in Australia beating the Liberal Party by 5-10 seats. Bookies will display a range of winning margins and each margin will have odds assigned.
  • Prop Bet. Prop bets or proposition bets are more narrowly focused bets on a particular event. These can be serious markets, for example, on whether a particular UK Prime Minister will still be in office at the end of the year, or they can be more light-hearted, such as the market on whether Donald Trump will announce that the US has proof of extra-terrestrial life before the end of his current term in office.

 Politics Betting Tips from our Experts

Betting on politics, like any other form of investment, requires hard work and dedication to master, but there are some useful strategies and tips that can help you get off to a good start.

  1.  Specialise. As with so many other forms of betting, the choice of political betting markets is enormous, and it can be too easy to fall into the trap of thinking that you should be betting in all of them. The last thing bookmakers want is for their customers to specialise and build up expertise in one particular area, so that is exactly what you should do. Unless you have the time to make this your full-time job, it is best to concentrate on politics in one country, or even one type of political betting market.
  2.  Do Your Homework. Once you’ve chosen your preferred area of specialisation, it is time to do your homework. For example, if you’re going to bet on the long term US Presidential or Primary markets, make sure you know all of the leading candidates, keep a close eye on the opinion polls and understand how the election process works in fine detail.
  3.  The Virtue of Patience. There can be busy periods as a political betting enthusiast, but political betting is essentially a long-term proposition. Resist the temptation to dabble in political betting markets and be prepared to wait for the right price. In political betting, patience is definitely a virtue!
  4.  Master Opinion Polls. Opinion polls are the lifeblood of political betting, but polls vary widely in the way that they are compiled, their accuracy and their relevance. Take the time to research the methods used by each polling company, check their historical record and be aware of any changes to their methodology. Extra research in this area can enable you to get a clearer picture of how the electorate is thinking than your betting rivals, giving you an edge in the betting market.
  5.  Know Your Sources. The explosion in political betting over the last 20 years has resulted in a proliferation of websites and blogs devoted to the subject. And as well as the dedicated political betting sites, most political parties and leading candidates are active online. You don’t need to sign up to every political party, but it is important to draw your information from as wide a range of sources as possible, as being first to get relevant news that moves the market can often be profitable.
  6.  Value is Everything. The importance of value applies to every sector of betting and political betting enthusiasts can’t ignore it. Finding winning bets is only part of the battle. The key is to find winning bets that are available at bigger odds than they should be. Making this judgement takes practice and is a matter of experience but it is a skill you can develop. Every time you look at a political betting market, use your judgement, try to produce your own odds and bet when there is a discrepancy.
  7.  Don’t Be Swayed by Headlines. Of course, you have to follow the political news, but it is important not to get carried away by headlines or by the tone of political coverage. Most news outlets have their own agenda and will be putting a particular spin on political events. Focus on extracting the truth from the spin in political coverage and always favour facts over opinion.

 Bottom Line on Politics Betting

Betting on politics presents a unique challenge. It combines the long-term nature of the financial markets with the short-term excitement of sporting events, particularly on an election night when the results are starting to come in! Sportsbooks are increasing their political coverage all the time and making it possible for politics betting fans to specialise in their favourite markets. By doing your homework and getting to know the nuts and bolts of politics in the country you intend to bet on, it is possible to turn your political enthusiasm into political profit!